The Beatles not only evolved musically, but also as people. See how they went from a small skiffle band to the most famous group of all time.


Beatles in 1960In Hamburg, Germany


beatles in 1961Stu Sutcliffe on the far left playing bass, and Paul in the back playing piano


beatles in 1962Their final line-up and beginning of their rise to fame.


beatles in 1963Beatlemania has now struck the UK and they are now in their standard early Beatles look.


beatles-in-1964The Beatles arrive in America and they are now the biggest group in the world. It was also this year that Bob Dylan introduced them to marijuana.


beatles-in-1965Starting to get more laid back, longer hair and their music is blossoming into their own style.


beatles-in-1966On the set of ‘Rain’, their music is becoming more experimental. It was the first track to have backwards vocals.


beatles in 1967It’s now the Summer of Love and the hippie days are in full force. The Beatles release Sgt. Peppers in June.


beatles-in-1968-indiaIn search of deeper meaning, the Beatles visit India to study meditation and spirituality.


beatles in 1969The last known photo shoot as a group. They release their last album, Abbey Road, and the group dissolves as the ’60s come to a close. Official announcements are made in early 1970.