In 1967, George Harrison with his wife Pattie went to visit Haight-Ashbury in San Francisco. According to the documentary Beatles Anthology, George had wanted to go but in the end, it wasn’t what he envisioned.

“I thought it was gonna be all these groovy kinds of gypsy people with cool shops making works of art and paintings and carvings, but instead it turned out to be just a lot of bums, many of them who were just very young kids who came from all over America and dropped acid and gone to this mecca of LSD. ….It certainly showed me what was really happening in the drug cult. It wasn’t what I thought with all these groovy people having spiritual awakenings and being artistic. It was like any addiction. So at that point, I stopped taking it actually.. the dreadful lysergic. That’s where I really went for the meditation.”

The trip did not last long as they ended up leaving shortly after they had gotten there. Still, some amazing photos came from it…

George Harrison played guitar in Haight-Ashbury George Harrison in Haight Ashbury George Harrison plays for people in Haight Ashbury