In December of 1969, Jefferson Airplane and The Rolling Stones had planned a free concert on the west coast with a vision to do something like Woodstock in Golden Gate Park. However, Golden Gate was not free for the date they selected and out of desperation, the Altamont Speedway was booked to be the grounds of the festival. The location however was not at all beautiful like Golden Gate Park, rather it was a flat land with no trees and was quite dirty. The single biggest mistake was hiring the Hells Angels to do security. Bad vibes were in the air right from the beginning. An audience member was even murdered right by the stage during the Rolling Stones’ set.

In this clip, you will see the Jefferson Airplane performing ‘The Other Side of This Life’, which gets broken up due to a fight started by the Hells Angels. The Altamont Festival in retrospect is seen as a mark to the end of the ’60s. As you can see, the drugs had been getting out of hand as well.