I just returned home from my trip to San Francisco. I stayed in the Haight Ashbury district, which is where all the hippies went in the ’60s. It was basically the center of the summer of love. Today, it still retains much of the hippie-feel with its cool little shops and colorfully-painted houses. For someone in love with the ’60s, being there just felt so right and heart-warming. I really didn’t want to leave. Check out some photos from my visit..

Some very cool looking houses in Haight-Ashbury
haight ashbury houses

The Corner of Haight St and Masonic

corner of haight and masonic

My favorite shop in all of San Francisco and it is right on Haight St., The Love of Ganesha. Lots of great stuff here from India, and many other places. They always offer fresh lemonade and snacks which is so kind of them. There is also a mediation room that you can go in and find peace. On this visit, I bought some crystals ideal for calming your mind to facilitate meditation.

the love of ganesha

Here is the house that the Jefferson Airplane purchased and lived in. Its on 2400 Fulton St, right across from Golden Gate Park. I can just imagine Grace Slick hanging out on that upper patio.

jefferson airplane house 2400 fulton st

The rest of the pictures are from Golden Gate Park, which is right by Haight Ashbury. It was where the famous Human Be-In event took place in 1967 that featured performances by Jefferson Airplane, the Grateful Dead, Big Brother and the Holding Co., and Quicksilver Messenger Service. A lot of the event was very much focused around LSD, the wonder drug.

This pond is right at the start of Golden Gate Park off of Haight St. It is such a blissful little spot.

right at the start of golden gate park - pond

While biking, I saw this tree that really tripped me out.

amazing tree golden gate park

This is one of my favorite spots at Golden Gate Park. I found it while biking and brought my guitar. The scenery inspired me to play nothing but folk fingerstyle a la Simon & Garfunkel.

golden gate park where i play guitar And finally, my favorite shot that I took from the trip. I found this amazing path with the tallest trees (think they were redwoods). It was absolutely breath-taking. I sat in the center of it where time literally stopped and I felt the most peace I have in a very long time.

woodsy area of golden gate park

Well there you have it. If you have any cool stories about San Francisco, share them in the comments box below!