Submitted by Denny

“From the first time I heard Simon & Garfunkel as a senior in high school in 1966 (Sounds of Silence), I was hooked. I absolutely loved Simon’s style of guitar and the incredible lyrics and melodies. Hearing Simon play is what got me into playing acoustic guitar. I remember buying the 78 rpm album and running “Kathy’s Song” at 33-1/3 to get each and every note he was playing. In time, I had it down cold, including the hammer-ons and offs.

While in college at the University of Hawaii, some friends and I went to a S&G concert at the HIC (Honolulu International Center) August 24, 1968. Even after SO many years, I can still remember the excitement of seeing them live. We were sitting pretty close and I had binocs to watch Simon’s hands. It was a magical experience. The harmonies were mesmerizing, Art’s vocal clarity and intonation was perfection, and Paul’s guitar playing was….well… amazing. Powerful, intricate, precise, dynamic, ….and spoke to me. I saw he was playing a Guild, and asked one of the guys in our group who was the manager of a large guitar shop at the Ala Moana Shopping Center, if he knew which Guild Paul was playing. He didn’t, but said he definitely planned to find out since he loved the sound. I went into the store the next day and since he was a Guild dealer, our plan was to write Guild a letter. I wrote the letter and within a couple weeks, received a response telling me it was an F-30R Special made specifically for Paul with rosewood back and sides. Boy, I wish I still had that letter!!! From that point on, I had to have one and eventually bought a new F-30R in 1972 at the Chicago Guitar Gallery and became my touring guitar. I still have it but no longer use it. Ah, S&G. They were certainly an inspiration in my musical career.

I also saw Crosby Stills Nash & Young live for the first time at the HIC in 1969. Another incredible concert.”